Title: Women Don't Owe You Pretty

Author: Florence Given

Published: June 2020

Genres: Non-fiction, Feminism, LGBT




WOMEN DON'T OWE YOU PRETTY will tell you to...love sex, hate sexism, protect your goddamn energy, life is short, dump them, and that you owe men nothing, least of all pretty. Florence's debut book will explore all progressive corners of the feminist conversation; from insecurity projection and refusing to find comfort in other women's flaws, to deciding whether to date or dump them, all the way through to unpacking the male gaze and how it shapes our identity. WOMEN DON'T OWE YOU PRETTY is an accessible leap into feminism, for people at all stages of their journey who are seeking to reshape and transform the way they view themselves. In a world that tells women we're either not enough or too much, it's time we stop directing our anger and insecurities onto ourselves, and start fighting back to re-shape the toxic structures of our patriarchal society. Florence's book will help you to tackle and challenge the limiting narrative you have been bombarded with your whole life, and determine feminism on your own terms. After all, you are the love of your own life.


TAY'S REVIEW   ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I have always been really intimidated by the terms “feminism” and “internalised misogyny” and “patriarchy” so I wasn’t sure how well I would digest this book. I found it was a really great starting point to begin the education on these topics which I intend to pursue for myself. It opened my eyes to the every-day language and behaviours soaking in sexism I would never have thought twice about, to the less talked about privilege that I hold as a white, able-bodied, heterosexual cis person, and to the unrealistic beauty standards that large organisations owned by rich older white men capitalise on every day by leveraging our insecurities. I’ll be gifting this to all my female friends for Christmas, that’s for damn sure (except Nicky, for obvious reasons you’ll understand after reading her review). A thought-provoking, empowering guide to intersectional feminism and to “challenging the out-dated narratives supplied to us by the patriarchy.” NOTABLE MENTION TO THE STUNNINGLY GROOVY ARTWORK THAT MADE MY SOUL SOAR.



A quick caveat: I’m by no means taking away from the intent behind and value this has provided to people (I have seen more glowing reviews than I can count). But...**inhales** I felt some elements of this book were a tad irresponsible. It was almost as if Florence Given has taken the narratives of marginalised and minority groups who have tirelessly advocated for many years, and repacked it in a way to appeal to those with the benefit of white privilege, using her own. Personally, I don’t feel I learnt anything new (albeit for some politically correct terms) and at times, I even felt judged by her. It may benefit those who are being introduced to feminism, however I would also be hesitant to hand this to a 16yo. I found it to be opportunistically timely, and radical. It lacked nuance and came across as, dare I say it, condescending. Being just 21 years old, perhaps with the passage of time, she’ll appreciate the shades of grey (which I felt she disregarded) that life presents, and that in those, we have the opportunity to progress. *exhales*.



You Don't Have To Be Pretty - Erin McKean

An excerpt from this article was quoted in 'Women Don't Owe You Pretty' and was the inspiration for the concept.  

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