Title: The Switch

Author: Beth O'Leary

Published: April 2020

Genres: Contemporary Romance, Chick Lit




Eileen is sick of being 79.
Leena's tired of life in her twenties.
Maybe it's time they swapped places...

When overachiever Leena Cotton is ordered to take a two-month sabbatical after blowing a big presentation at work, she escapes to her grandmother Eileen's house for some overdue rest. Eileen is newly single and about to turn eighty. She'd like a second chance at love, but her tiny Yorkshire village doesn't offer many eligible gentlemen. Once Leena learns of Eileen's romantic predicament, she proposes a solution: a two-month swap. Eileen can live in London and look for love. Meanwhile Leena will look after everything in rural Yorkshire. But with gossiping neighbours and difficult family dynamics to navigate up north, and trendy London flatmates and online dating to contend with in the city, stepping into one another's shoes proves more difficult than either of them expected.

Leena learns that a long-distance relationship isn't as romantic as she hoped it would be, and then there is the annoyingly perfect - and distractingly handsome - school teacher, who keeps showing up to outdo her efforts to impress the local villagers. Back in London, Eileen is a huge hit with her new neighbours, but is her perfect match nearer home than she first thought?


TAY'S REVIEW   ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

You know when you polish off a savoury meal and you intensely crave a little something sweet because it’s criminal to have one without the other? I try to find that same balance with books. I take care in curating the order of my reads for the sake of protecting my connection with a hobby I thoroughly enjoy. Amidst all the emotionally heavy content, I have to pick up a sugary, fun read, and The Switch delivered that in spades. Although a little lame, the humour was spot on and the narrative full of charm (don’t listen to Nicky). This is the kind of book that can be as quick or slow as you want it to be. I will say, I’m 24 and I’m not even as loose as Eileen, a character who is supposed to be 79?? But boy she was a magnet. I enjoyed the spongy foundation of broken family connections and grief that played their part, but the sickly satisfying layer of mediocre rom-com was spread on THICC and I could’ve just eaten that all day. I’d definitely recommend this as a light-hearted read, but just know what you’re in for. Note to self: don’t write reviews right before lunch.



Beth O’Leary has a refreshing way of making her books easy to digest, and this was no exception. Eileen is 79 and looking for a new lease on life, whilst her granddaughter Leena is wrestling with the realisation that her life is somewhat stagnant. After concocting an extravagant plan, they agree to switch their homes and elements of their lives for 2 months. Eileen is dazzled by big city lights, and Leena needs the grounding a country town can bring. I must admit, I enjoyed and found myself much more invested in Eileen’s story, she was an absolute crack up and unapologetically outrageous at times with her new found confidence. After adoring the Flatshare, I was eager to get into this too, but overall I felt the switch just wasn’t as heartfelt. It lacked the wit and charm I was anticipating, but still delivered some light-hearted fun so I would never deter anyone from reading.



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