Title: How To Endo

Author: Bridget Hustwaite

Published: March 2021

Genres: Health & Wellness




After years of dismissive doctors and misinformation, Bridget Hustwaite finally received a diagnosis for her intensely heavy periods, pulsing headaches and the excruciating abdominal pain that makes her ovaries feel like they are on fire. She has endometriosis - hard to pronounce, hard to diagnose and even harder to live with.

Two excision surgeries and one thriving endo Instagram community later, Bridget knows firsthand how much personal research and self-advocating endo sufferers have to do just to have their pain acknowledged. With her trademark enthusiasm, Bridget has blended her own experience with a raft of tips and strategies from health experts and endo warriors to help you thrive whenever you can, and survive on days when you just can't. Covering everything from diet to acupuncture, fertility to mental health, and surgery to sex, How to Endo is the essential guide to navigating this sucker punch of a chronic illness.

Inspiring, vivacious and completely honest, Bridget's book is for everyone on the endo spectrum: the battle-hardened warriors, the newly diagnosed and thosestill searching for answers.



‘How To Endo’ is an unreserved and thoughtful account of what it’s like to live in the shoes of someone suffering from a chronic illness, particularly Endometriosis. It was easy to digest, written more like a conversation with a friend than reading a book of definitions and diagrams (if only all my uni textbooks could have read the same - hello 7.0 GPA!!!). Bridget was noticeably and refreshingly inclusive when it came to anatomy and gender-related issues, and admiringly vulnerable in detailing some of her most intimate experiences battling the disorder. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s only for sufferers of Endo; I felt seen even as someone with a history of PCOS, IBS and Coeliac Disease diagnoses, and Bridget also constructively addresses friends, family and colleagues of sufferers with helpful information and advice. It’s about time we saw a book like this afforded a space in the ‘Top 10’ section, rather than limited to the shelves of the health & wellness aisle.



I didn't know I needed this book, but since I finished, I haven’t stopped recommending it to those who I think will benefit, and if that's not a key indicator of a book well read, I don’t know what is. Whilst I am fortunate to not suffer from the conditions in this book, I still took endless value and comfort in following Bridget’s 12-year journey to her diagnosis, and with minimal knowledge going in, I learnt about important topics which have made me much more well equipped to be there for my nearest and dearest who may (I adored the ‘for the friend, colleague, relative or partner’ chapter). I believe we should not spend too much time ponder how and sadly why it has taken so long for a book like this, but simply rejoice that it is here, and that @bridgethustwaite is here.



Though a lot of comprehensive medical research has been used to support Bridget’s own experiences and factual explanations, it is important to acknowledge that she is not a medical practitioner. We would encourage anyone suffering symptoms to also seek advice from their doctor. 


Thank you to Allen & Unwin for sending us an advanced review copy of this book.

You can find more information about the book and purchase a copy here.

RRP: $29.99



"Now, we cannot change our privilege. You can't just opt out or unsubscribe. But we can change the system. And, honestly, we owe it to the entire human race to do so. Think about it. How bloody nice would it be to live in a world where everyone was equal? Where everyone with Endometriosis could access the same care and resources? Where we all felt seen and supported? We have the power to make this happen but to get it done, we need to acknowledge where imbalance exists within the endometriosis community.” 



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