Title: Heartsick

Author: Jessie Stephens

Published: March 2021

Genres: Non-fiction, romance (heartbreak)




Claire has returned from London to the dust and familiarity of her childhood home, only to realise something is wrong with her partner Maggie.

Patrick is a lonely uni student, until he meets Caitlin - but does she feel as connected as he does?

Ana is happily married with three children. Then, one night, she falls in love with someone else.

Based on three true stories, Heartsick is a compelling narrative nonfiction account of the many lows and occasional surprising highs of heartbreak. Bruising, beautiful, achingly specific but wholeheartedly universal, it reminds us that emotional pain can make us as it breaks us, and that storytelling has the ultimate healing power.


NICKY'S REVIEW  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Fam, if you have not read this one yet, get 👏🏼 on 👏🏼 it 👏🏼. So often we see narratives that are a glorification of love (and don’t get me wrong, I am all about those), and it was so refreshing to read narratives that encompass relatable human experiences and feelings. Albeit fictitious to me, I felt the vulnerability of the three subjects on a deep level and in turn @jessiestephens90 did an exceptional job of subtlety yet surely allowing us readers to see reflections of ourselves in them.  As they changed and evolved, it was drooling with emotional insight into heartbreak and how we as everyday people define our relationship with love. It is so clear that Jessie put everything into telling these stories. This could not have found its way to me at a better time, and isn’t that what makes reading so great?


TAY'S REVIEW  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This book is the closest I have ever come to reading an authentic articulation of heartbreak in all its ugliness and complexity. The true stories of Ana, Patrick and Claire were gut-wrenchingly honest and fiercely relatable. Ironically, exploring the anguish and realities of heartbreak in the way Stephens so tenderly translated, was like coming up for air after being suffocated by the endless fictional narratives that romanticise that very same grief. It was unflinching and unpretentious, as much as it was emotionally captivating and expertly structured. Even if you read nothing but the epilogue alone, you’ll still flip that final page feeling winded. I can’t wait for what’s next from @JessieStephens90.



Thank you to PanMacmillan Australia for sending us an advanced review copy of this book.

You can find more information about the book and purchase a copy here.

RRP: $34.99



"And isn't that the ultimate irony? That nothing makes us more human, more united with every person and every culture in every period over history, than the very emotion that tells us; I am all alone".

"Love is magic and heartbreak is the price we pay."



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