Title: Come

Author: Rita Therese

Published: March 2020

Genres: Memoir, Feminism, Sexuality




Rita Therese is a 25-year-old sex worker, artist and writer based in Melbourne, Australia. She entered the sex industry at age 18, and has worked as a stripper, porn and as an escort. She currently works as an escort under the alias Gia James.

She has written for magazines like Frankie, Vice and Penthouse Australia, and had a monthly sex and dating column for Sneaky magazine. She had her first solo photographic exhibition "Gemini" in 2016 at Goodspace Gallery in Sydney. The exhibit played on the juxtaposition of light and dark, and was centered around themes of sexuality, kink, femininity and fantasy.

She is also the author of 4 self published zines - Zero Vol. 1 + 2, Heartbreaker and Fantasy. The zines focus on short stories about her life as a sex worker and discuss relationships, love, grief, mental health and sex. She distributes the zines through her Instagram and website.

Rita is currently undertaking her Bachelor of Philosophy and working towards a career as an academic, specializing in the field of Gender Studies with a focus on sex work..


TAY'S REVIEW   ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

‘Come’ is not just a memoir, but a societal contribution to tearing down the stigma of sex work, a truly liberating feat by @rita_therese__ who I’m in absolute awe of. Her brutal honesty, dark humour and refreshingly absent sense of shame were the bones that carried a fascinating collection of stories from Rita’s journey of adolescence into adulthood. No time passes before she manages to create a rapport with the reader, giving the impression you’re just listening to a friend which provided a necessary sense of comfort. Her voice was richly Australian and strikingly authentic. The only thing I would have loved to have seen was more harmony in the sequencing of the stories. It was at times jumpy in its timeline, or not anchored in time at all, making it harder to wholly grasp Rita’s progression as a memoirist. There’s a lot to learn from Rita, and my hat goes off to her for leaving all her cards on the table so that some of us can work on normalising an industry we may otherwise not have.


NICKY'S REVIEW   ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

IT’S 5 STARS FROM ME Y'ALL. Split into three sections, Sex, Love and Death, this memoir follows the life, journey and experiences of @rita_therese__. Personally, I was drawn into her world instantly. This is one that you could easily devour in one sitting, as it both feeds your curiosity, as well as unapologetically confronts you with the realities of the industry and the life of someone living and breathing it. I reject that this is only relatable to those in the sex industry. I think it’s for anyone who has struggled to navigate sexuality, grief, trauma and abuse. Harrowing in parts, painstakingly raw, but overall refreshingly authentic. There are lessons in this memoir that we can all take, as well as being reminded of the importance of inner strength and the power in being your own hero.



PTSD makes you cautious. It keeps you alert for threats, and it makes you think about every move you make. My mother and I couldn’t comprehend the naivety of somebody walking their beloved pet near a six-lane highway. But we didn’t notice when James and Peter didn’t want to live anymore. Now we spend our lives watching and waiting.



Drug and alcohol addiction, rape, abortion, graphic and confronting sexual content.


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