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Paige's new book 'Someone I Used To Know' was published yesterday and we had the pleasure of asking her a few questions about it.

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So much can change in half a lifetime…


At fifteen, George is the foster brother Leah never asked for. As the angry, troubled boy struggles to come to terms with his circumstances, Leah finds herself getting drawn closer to him.

Theo’s wealthy family have mysteriously pulled him out of boarding school and he’s now enrolled at the local state school with Leah and George. When their worlds collide that summer, the three teenagers form a bond they believe will be unbreakable. But life doesn’t always go to plan...


Shocking news brings Leah back to Yorkshire, baby daughter in tow. But Emilie’s father Theo isn’t with them, and George has unexpectedly returned. After half a lifetime, have they healed the scars of their pasts? Will coming back home set their hearts in a different direction?


What was something about this story and your writing experience that made it different to all of your other previous published works?

I would say this is my most emotional book to date and that definitely had something to do with being separated from my parents, brother, family and friends who live in Australia. I always make sure I'm really 'feeling it' when I’m writing so it was extra easy to access my emotions when I needed to. But this book is full of joy too – I don’t think I could write a book that wasn’t full of joy because I’m living inside my characters' heads for months on end and I want to feel uplifted.


Was the “then” and “now” timelines that structured this story, something you envisioned from the very start of the planning process?

Absolutely – I think you’re much more closely connected to the characters if you get to ‘live’ their story along with them, but I didn’t want to divide the book into two separate sections and have all the age fifteen chapters play out in one go. I think it’s important to see the characters in the present day when they’re thirty because that’s more relatable for the majority of my readers.


In the movie version of “Someone I Used to Know” – who would you cast to play Theo, George & Leah?

I find this so hard because I have a clear idea of these characters in my mind and they don’t look like anyone I know! But one of my favourite Booksta people @EnglishTeachersDaughter did a casting post recently and chose Olivia Cooke as Leah, Graham Phillips as George and Felix Mallard as Theo – I can especially see Felix in this role!


How do you decide what to name your characters? Having written so many books, we wondered if there was any particular process or special meaning behind that, or is it completely random?

More often than not, I have the idea for the book and its characters before I come up with names so it can be really hard to find a name that suits a person. Sometimes I look through baby naming websites, other times I search under the year of the character’s birth to see what names were popular, looking for something that speaks to me. The best thing is when I have a name early on and the character traits and personality develop alongside the name – that was the case with Leah, George and Theo.


Most of your previous works would fall under the Contemporary Romance category. What about writing in this genre do you love most?

I write the sort of books that I love to read! I prefer love stories that have a sense of forbidden love about them, some reason that keeps the characters apart, a true slow burn romance that you really long to see come to fruition. That keeps me turning the pages when I’m reading, and it definitely spurs me on when I’m writing.


Thank you to Penguin Australia for sending us an advanced review copy of this book.

You can find more information about the book and purchase a copy here.

RRP: $32.99

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